Asset Management Manager at Engineering & Services Division

Advertised on : 18 Mar 2019 | Closing date : 30 Jun 2019

  Job Reference : 10794

Our client is a Local Food Manufacturing company, located in Jakarta Barat currently looking for:


Asset Management Manager at Engineering & Services Division with details below:


1.        Report to Engineering & Service Director


2.       Direct Subordinate: Asset Management Supervisor


3.    Main Job:

Leading and managing the organization under him/her. Planning, directing, implementing, monitoring and carrying out continuous improvements related to the activity process of fixed assets which includes the process of request, transfer, maintenance / repairs, termination and stock / inventory taking and coordination with the user and dept. Expertise.


4.   Duties & Responsibilities:

§  Human Resource Management

Ø  Conduct training and development of competencies deemed necessary for member of his/her organization.

Ø  Create & propose career paths and regeneration process for employess under him/her supervision.

Ø  Conduct training for human resources in need.

Ø  Lead the cross fuctional team if needed, for example for stock / inventory taking.

Ø  Make a work plan and annual / monthly work budget in cennection with Department of Asset Management activities.

§  Methodology Management

Ø  Develop a methodology for conducting stock taking and managing assets owned by the company whereever the location is and implementing it.

Ø  Make the Annual Work Plan and the shorter term and conduct regular reviews and reports.

Ø  Develop systems and procedures in accordance with the latest company conditions.

§  Equipment and Machine Management

Ø  Create and implement methodologies / procedures for using equipment used by organizations under him/her, for example: Barcoding and equipment, computers, etc.

Ø  Propose methods and procedures for using equipment related to processes which connect to asset management

§  Financial Management

Ø  Make an annual budget and control it for organization under him/her.

Ø  Calculate and propose prices (costing) caused by process carried out in asset management.

Ø  Assess property owned by the company.

§  Material Management

Ø  Manage material that is given responsibility to asset mangement in accordance with company policy.

Ø  Ensure there are standards both administrative and assets used based on company policy.

Ø  Monitor safety stock and implementation of activities and warehouse asset administration.

§  Coordination

Ø  Coordinate with the organization and person in charge of other fields both vertically and horizontally related to the duties and responsibilities of the organization under him/her and support the objectives & company policies.

Ø  Monitor work plans and work budget that have been made.

Ø  Monitor the implementation of special projects and company events related to the Asset Management Department.

Ø  Make a report on the work program and work agenda that has been made to General Manager Engineering & Service.



5.      Working Relationship

o   External

§  Supplier: As a partner to carry out work e.g.: transportation, freelance workers, etc.

§  External warehouse manager: Renting warehouse location process

o   Internal

§  FAST Division: As a partner that monitors corporate assets / assets in the form of rupiah

§  Operation Division: As a customer who uses the most assets

§  Engineering Division: As a partner for the process of repairing and rebuilding assets


6.      Authority of Position:

o   Conducting hospitalization, for company assets

o   Propose and make the process of managing assets

o   Conduct and propose training

o   Propose and make an organizational budget


7.      Key Performance Indicator

o   Number of stock taking and discrepancy ratio of assets

o   Procedure and implementation of stock taking and asset management and improvement

o   Skill & Knowledge Development from members of the organization below

o   Team work and Leadership



8.      Position Specification:

§  Education, Training, Skills, and Experience: 

Ø  Bachelor Degree in Industrial, Mechanical Engineering and Economy

Ø  Minimum has 7 years’ experience as Asset Management

Ø  Able to operate laboratory equipment commonly used by food manufacturing labs

Ø  Being able to use computer programs that are commonly used (Microsoft Office) properly, analitycal thinking and presentation skills are quite good

Ø  Have good leadership and teamwork skills

§  Physical condition

a.  Not color blind

b.  Male

c.  Healthy body

d.  Have good communication skills





Functional Areas : Human Resource & Office Support;General Affairs
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 7
Work Location : Indonesia

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