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1. Organization Unit

Regional entities (subsidiary, branch office, E-Hub, X-Hub), Division AS (Site Management)

2. Nomination

Nomination together with the set-up of the Project Team (ORG-Chart), according PRO-fit process 2.4 and 3.2.02.

3. Superior

Project Manager (PM)

4. Subordination

Site Supervisors

5. Deputy

In case of absence, the Site Manager has to take care about a substitute (deputy) in coordination with the Project Manager

8. Role Target

Leading the Site Supervisors and report on a regularly basis to the Project Manager

Manage the execution of the construction, installation, start-up and commissioning works (herein after mentioned as the "Construction Works") on the Site in accordance with the Client contract, with main focus on time schedule, budget and quality

Communicate and cooperate with the PME, Procurement and Logistic Manager and other staff within the project organization involved in the Construction Works (i.e. Time Scheduler, HSE and Contract Manager) in coordination with the PM.

Overall responsibility on the Site, from start of site mobilization up to the successful, defect free hand over of the Project to the Client (approved PAC).

Management functions

Overall responsibility for the execution of the Construction Works on Site in compliance with the Clients’ contract mainly to keep the agreed time schedule, the budget and assure the quality standards of Construction Works.

• Site representative of the company toward the Client and other parties involved in the execution of the Construction Works in coordination with the Project Manager.

• Lead, motivate, promote and demand the Site Supervisors and their Team ensure a continuous information flow and solve conflicts within the Team (if any).

• Manage and organize the construction Site in a proper manner. Prepare a Site Manual with the organizational, processes rules and guidelines during the Construction Works on the Site and consider the conditions and obligations of the Clients contract (approval, variation, claim procedures) therein.

• Define a proper implementation strategy for the Construction Works together with the PM, PME, Engineering and Site Team.

• Lead and report the regularly internal site meetings with the Site Team and participate at external meetings in coordination with Project Manager.

Communication and cooperation with PME, Procurement and Logistic Manager in coordination with of the PM

• Be the first contact person for all organizational topics on Site.

• Ensure the compliance with internal regulations on Site (PRO-fit)

Operative Tasks

Besides the tasks according to PRO-fit, the Site Manager has to fulfill the following tasks and is responsible for:

• Site mobilization, set-up of the site facilities and site infrastructure

• Organize the local accommodation for the expats and local site staff (if needed), also the transportation between accommodation and Site, etc.

• Recruit local site staff and request the deployment of specialists in accordance with PRO-Fit rules in coordination with the Project Manager.

• Lead and coordinate the tasks and responsibilities of the Site Supervisors (CSA, MEP and MEQ) and their Site Teams during the whole Construction Works period

• Ensure enough and proper storage areas and facilities for the equipment and materials arriving to Site in close cooperation with the Project Procurement and Logistic Manager

• Take care and organize regularly Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) trainings and instructions to the Site Staff incl. subcontractors and suppliers staff on Site in line with the EHS manual prepared for the project

• Responsible for local bank account, site petty cash in coordination with the Project Controller

• Responsible for local purchasing in coordination with the PM and Project Procurement Manager

• Ensure, supervise and control the qualities, standards, norms and regulations of the Construction Works as agreed in the Clients Contract and construction permit, together with the Site Team.

• Ensure, supervise and control that the scope of services and supplies of the Construction Works are in line with the agreed Client Contract and manage variations (if any) in cooperation with the Project Manager.

• Active claim management (Client, subcontractors, suppliers and other parties involved in the execution of the Construction Works) in close coordination with the Project Manager.

Regular and event-specific reporting to the Project Manager about the project status, progress, etc. forecast of potential attainment of objectives and possible divergences (if any).

Contract Management

If no Contract Manager (CM) is appointed in the Project Organization, the Site Manager takes over the following tasks from the CM:

Recognizing of claim relevant issues

be aware with the claim the basis and procedures according to Client contract (e.g. FIDIC)

• Monitoring adjustment for changes in costs due to price indices

• Monitoring deviations from the tender or contract design to the execution design (unit price contract)

• Target — actual comparison about general terms and conditions, quality, scope of works, time schedule, contract value and payments

• Work execution estimate

• Changes of engineering data and/or equipment specifications / configurations

• Variations, change orders from Client’s side

• Variations, change orders from Subcontractors / Suppliers side

Documentation of claim relevant issues

Drawing receipt dates — data listing

• construction and installation progress documentation (construction diary)

• Photographical documentation

• Contractual obligations to keep actual records


Functional Areas : Construction, Civil Engineering & Development;Site Engineers
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 8
Work Location : Indonesia

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