Senior PPIC Staff for Surabaya & Bali

Advertised on : 07 Mar 2018 | Closing date : 30 Sep 2018

  Job Reference : 07538

Our client is a Food Manufacturing company, located in Surabaya & Bali, currently looking for:


Senior PPIC Staff  (Supply Division in PPIC & WHS Department) for Food Factory with details below:


1.       Report to PPIC Manager

2.       Direct Subordinate: PPIC Specialist, Reception Kassie, Delivery Kassie


3.    Main Job:

Plan, directs and monitor activity routine and none the routine on function procurement and an inventory of goods (PPIC), production planning, Raw Material procurement, procurement for Central Production Plan Department, directing and monitoring the admission process, Raw Material Storage, Finish Good and FG distribution to KG


4.   Duties & Responsibilities:

§    System Procedures

Ø  Run the system and the prevailing procedure.

Ø  Evaluate of the implementation of the system and the prevailing procedure and to change, if necessary.


§    Work Planning

Ø  Make work plans and budget according to a plan annual company.

Ø  Monitor the implementation work plans and the budget has been made.

Ø  Make a progress report performance based on the articles and work plan to GM supply every (3) three months.


§    Duty & Responsibility for work activities in PPIC

Ø  Oversees the reception and data management conducted by PPIC Specialist.

Ø          Ensure fulfillment FG goods according to store needs.

Ø          Ensure fulfillment RM Goods for production with the agreed SLA.

Ø  Handle and provide solutions to PPIC Specialist if there are problems in managing data demand store in accordance with SLA

Ø  Monitor demand goods data which still have not fulfilled appropriate level of the needs of the interests of goods, namely:

o   Raw goods: meet the needs of goods with seek a solution that best by coordinating with assistant manager / manager or with other departments, if necessary.

o   Goods advocates: follow up the procurement of goods with the department of purchasing or relevant department. 



§    Duty & responsibility in managing production planning and inventory stock.

Ø  Based on historical data, planned annual obtaining raw materials and provide suggestions above inventory stock level.

Ø  Coordinated with the production in planning production any period approved, according to the production capacity , the store demand store and inventory management (storage capacity and production goods savings)

Ø  Monitor the implementation of production in accordance planning.

Ø  Monitor raw material stocks in line with the rate minimum level and maximum that approved by GM supply 

Ø  Monitor the availability stocks of support goods in inventory appropriate with minimum level and maximum which has been agreed and approved by GM supply or appropriate with user needs.

Ø  Make a purchase request based on the calculation system to meet stock level in accordance with inventory level that have been agreed and approved by GM supply.


§  Duty & responsibility for PPIC performance

Ø  Maximize the use of a system that has been applied in PPIC to enhance efficiency and effectiveness PPIC working process.

Ø  Coordinate with System Development and IT to give and developed a system that is required in the working process


§  Duty & responsibilities for WHS

Ø  Monitor and manage the process of acceptance of Raw Material from suppliers.

Ø  Monitoring the storage process of RM and FG goods in accordance with their respective fields.

Ø  Monitor the admission process of FG goods from production.

Ø  Monitor the delivery process of RM goods to production.

Ø  Monitor the distribution process of FG from KKP to KPP


§  Job & responsibility for human resources

Ø  Analyzes human resource needs in their parts in accordance with competence

Ø  Working planning for human resources

Ø  Directing, guiding and monitor HR development effectiveness

Ø  Good relationships with other parts in internal departments

Ø  Subordinate working assessment




§  Reporting

Ø  Check and analyzes PPIC report and follow up the analysis report

Ø  Every day, making FG stock reports which reported to Plant Manager, GM Supply, Director and BOD

Ø  Every week, make a report to monitor stocks inventory level (Inventory Stock Level Report)

Ø  Every week, make evaluation of the attainment production implementation report over planning that have been made (Planning Production Evaluation and Actual Report)


5.    Working Relationship



§  Store: Meet the raw material demands for sales

§  All departments of: meet demand for goods to conduct work in functions

External: -



6.   Position Specification:

§  Education, Training, Skills, and Experience: 

Ø  Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering

Ø  Supply Chain Management Training

Ø  Skills:

o   Technical Skills: Computer Literate (Ms. Office, Visio), Writing Report

o   Non Technical Skills: Communication Skill, Interpersonal Skill, Supervisory Skill

Ø  Experience in Senior PPIC Staff  Food Industry at least 2 years






Functional Areas : Engineering & Manufacturing;Food Technology
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 2
Work Location : Indonesia

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