Company / Rep. Office Establishment

Our consultant can assist foreign as well as local investor in arranging the documentation for establishing a Representative office or Limited Company/Perseroan Terbatas (PT).

Work Permits & Visas for Foreigners

Our consultants can arrange work and stay permits for foreigners including KITAS and IMTA. We can also handle business visas for clients who intend to come to Indonesia for business trips.

Visa Process:

  1. JAC receives the required documents
  2. Submit to relate government departments in Indonesia
  3. Clients arrange documents at Indonesian Embassy
  4. Clients enter Indonesia
  5. Continue with visa and documentation process until complete

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Our translators can handle a wide range of business and personal documents, including: manuals for machine operations, ISO documents, business reports, shareholder meeting reports, company regulations, contracts and agreements, business correspondence, birth and marriage certificates, and other civil documents, as well as marketing materials.

Translation Process:

  1. JAC receives your translation request
  2. JAC selects translator by language and business field
  3. Translation and editing of text by native speaker
  4. Translation is sent to the client

We provide highly qualified and experienced interpreter and translation services in the following languages: Japanese, Indonesian, English, Mandarin Chinese, and other language by request.

Our interpreting services can provide support to your business during seminars, press conferences, general meetings for stockholders, official meetings, visiting clients, and business research. We can provide the interpreters and equipment for simultaneous interpretation.

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Language Training & Seminar Provider

We can arrange language instructors in English, Indonesian, and Japanese for groups or private lessons, depending on the client's requirements. And we can assist you to manage your seminar preparations.

HR Consulting

Our Indonesian or Japanese consultants will assist your company with professional consultation on Human Resource matters, including:

  • Provide advice for labor disputes
  • Review and preparation of labor contracts, internal rules, and working contracts
  • Improve human resource systems, grading, wage levels, and performance evaluations
  • Organize training on management topics, cross-cultural issues, business manners, 5S, systems improvement, and salesmanship
  • HR legal opinion, manpower and work permit regulation updates, etc.

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Please review our Client List to see the types of companies we have assisted in recent years.

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Documentation Services - VISA (Expat Documents)
1 What kind of VISA can be done by JAC? JAC Business Center arrange VISA for:
Visa kerja (IMTA),
Visa tinggal (KITAS),
Visa bisnis,
Visa kunjungan, dan visa sosial budaya.
2 How long does it takes to arrange Working Permit and Stay Permit Regular service - 4 Weeks
Express service - 3 Weeks
3 Beside visa processing, is there any other added value using JAC Business Center Services JAC will monitor every processed visa and will remind the client if the validity of the Visa is almost expired.
JAC Business Center is supported by English and Japanese speaking staff to assist expatriates, especially Japanese clients
Documentation Services - Company Establishment
1 Can JAC arrange the documentation for company establishment? JAC Business Center can assist foreign as well as local investor in arranging the documentation for establishing Representative office and Perseroan Terbatas (PT)
2 What is the scope of work included in arranging the company establishment documentation by JAC?
  • Approval from BKPM
  • Company Act (Akta pendirian)
  • Domicile
  • Tax Registration Number (NPWP)
  • Approval from Ministry of Justice (SK Kehakiman)
  • Izin Prinsip
  • TDP
  • Import License
  • Permit to do business - Izin Usaha

For Representative Office:

  • Izin Usaha
  • Domisili
  • NPWP
  • TDP
3 How long does it takes for JAC to arrange for establishing PT and Representative Office? For PT it takes around 2,5 - 3 months until receiving the TDP,
For Rep. Office takes the same period to get TDP.
HR Consulting
1 What kind services that JAC in HR Consultation?
  1. HR Monthly Consulting
  2. Making the company regulation
  3. Consultation on Working contract
  4. Legal Consulting
2 In what languages is the consultation done? We provide the services in Indonesian, English and Japanese
3 Does JAC provide regular HR Seminar? We scheduled regular HR Seminar, with the theme on Salary Structure, Contract employment, Termination, Industrial Relations and other themes which will assist the HR Practitioner in doing their day to day job.
JAC invite the client by sending emails to the clients (with their permission)
1 What languages are provided in the Interpreting services? JAC provide Interpreting services from Japanese into Indonesian, Japanese into English, English into Indonesian.
The foreign languages translation result will be edited by Native Speaker
2 What is the fee for Interpreting Services The fee is depends on the languages and the Interpreter Level/Content to be interpreted. We serve General and Simultaneous interpreting.
3 Can the Client have the Interpreter under monthly contract? Daily fee will be applied for 1 month contract.
Contract for more than 2 months - need to be discussed further and based on availability.
1 What kind of Translation Services provided by JAC Business Center? JAC BC provide Translation services from and into Japanese, English, Indonesian and Mandarin
2 What kind of documents can be translated by JAC BC? Beside general documents, JAC also translate Technical, Legal, Economic documents.
JAC BC also provides Sworn Translator for Certificates Translation.
3 How long does it take to do the translation? It depends on the quantity of the material that required to be translated.
JAC BC provides regular as well as express translation services.
Language Training
1 JAC BC provide training for what languages? Indonesian, Japanese, English
2 What is the fee? The fee is calculated hourly and depends on the languages and the teacher qualifications (native or local)
The fee start to be charge per 60 minutes
3 What is the teaching method? JAC BC provide private (one on one) teaching and not class room teaching.

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