Engineering Store Manager at Store Operation Division

Advertised on : 11 Feb 2019 | Closing date : 12 May 2019

  Job Reference : 11167

Our client is a Local Food Manufacturing & Restaurant company, located in Jakarta Barat currently looking for:


Engineering Store Manager at Store Operation Division with details below:


1.        Report to GM Operational


2.       Direct Subordinate: Store Maintenance


3.    Main Job:

Plan, implement and monitor the management, maintenance and repair of equipment and facilities in all restaurants, including kitchen equipment’s


4.   Duties & Responsibilities:


o  Make a work plan and budget that needed by the Department of Engineering Store.

§  Make work plans, work targets and budgets in accordance with the Company's annual plan.

§  Monitor the implementation and achievement of work targets and control the realization of the budget used based on the budget approved by the Company.


o  Directing, regulating and monitoring to ensure the maintenance and repair of all equipment’s, facilities and energy resources of companies such as refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems, electricity networks, water and gas resources, machines and restaurant equipment carried out according to standard time, standard process, needs and budget have been set so that the restaurant's operations can run smoothly.

§  Monitor and ensure all equipment’s in the restaurant (including kitchen equipment) and existing facilities are stand by and always be ready for use in accordance with the process standards and time standards that apply to avoid irregularities in safety, security and damage.

§  If it is necessary to search or propose to superiors to work with third parties, in terms of repairing equipment and work machines.


o  Reporting

§  Arrange and propose an appropriate and effective KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to superiors.

§  Make reports on the development of performance based on plans and work targets to supervisors periodically every 3 (three) months and per year.

§  Make accountability reports that have been used.



o   Management of human resources in the Engineering Store Department

§  Optimally empower and develop human resources in terms of competence, skills and numbers in order to carry out the support function well and effectively.

§  Directing, training and improving competence, monitoring and implementing work standards and subordinate discipline standards in accordance with applicable company provisions.

§  Conduct an assessment of subordinates performance and their development.


5.      Working Relationship

o   External

§  Contractor /Vendor: Koordinasi dengan pihak luar untuk perbaikan peralatan / mesin tertentu

§  Suppliers: Ensure the goods received are in accordance with the order

o   Internal

§  All Outlets: Monitor usage, maintain and repair existing machines,   

equipment’s and facilities

§  Purchasing Department: Purchasing and procuring technical goods



6.      Position Specification:

§  Education, Training, Skills, and Experience: 

Ø  Minimum Bachelor Degree in Mechanical or Electronics Engineering

Ø  Minimum has 4 years’ experience as Engineering Manager

Ø  Technical skills: Air conditioning, production machinery, generators / power supply, cold storage, preventive maintenance, budgeting, management reports, presentation techniques.

Ø  Non-technical skills: oral and written communication, negotiation, persuasion

Ø  Managerial skills: leadership, supervision and discipline and development of subordinates and team work motivation.


§  Physical condition

a.  Not color blind

b.  Proportional weight and height







Functional Areas : Engineering & Manufacturing;Electrical / Electronics / Semi-conductor;Mechanical / Heavy Machinery
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 4
Work Location : Indonesia

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