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Follow here for the latest news about the COVID-19 in Indonesia (4 May 2020 - 7 May 2020 update)

Posted over 1 year ago by JAC Consulting

Covid 19 Indonesia

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The news summaries below has been compiled by JAC Consulting to provide you with the latest and most up-to-date news on the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia.

Disclaimer: The summary of news and updates made by JAC shown on this website are sourced from third party news articles. The summaries are made solely for reference and to provide general information on the current COVID-19 situation in Indonesia.

Consult here the latest updates about the status of the Covid-19 in Indonesia:

*下記の情報はそれぞれのニュースソースより、JAC Consultingがピックアップし、インドネシアのCOVID-19の状況を随時アップデートしています。

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07/05/2020 19:37 WIB

Several Indonesian Airlines have resumed domestic passenger flights following a letter from the COVID-19 task force allowing certain people to travel despite government travel restrictions. Garuda Indonesia has officially resumed domestic flights on Thursday after suspending them in compliance with the Government's Large-Scal Social Restrictions (PSBB). Lion Air, Wings Air and Batik Air will also resume domestic passenger flights on Sunday. Health protocols will be applied on all flights, such as the physical distancing policy and the obligation to provide for medical letters and dovuments proving the purpose of the flight.

Source: Jakarta Post

07/05/2020 10:41 WIB

PT. Angkasa Pura II (Persero) has reactivated the security posts for domestic flights with the return of operations of domestic flights. President Director of Angkasa Pura II, Muhammad Awaluddin, stated that 19 airports, including Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, will reopen security and inspection posts. These posts will be fitted with health facilities. The reactivation of these posts will be done in coordination with the Military, Police, Port Health Office, Regional Administrations and the COVID-19 task force among others.

Source: Kompas News

07/05/2020 08:55 WIB

The Minster of Labor, Ida Fauziyah, has officialy given permisison for private companies to delay the payment of the mandatory holiday allowance (THR), or the pay it in increments. Although allowed, the delayed or incremental payment of the THR must be done in 2020. This is regulated in Minister of Labor Circular Letter Number M/6/HI.00.01/V/2020. The Circular Letter asked for REgional Governors to make sure that all companies comply with the payment of the THR. The minister added that companies unable to pay for the THR during the alloted time frame are able to find an amicable solution through dialogue with the emplyoyees.

Source: CNN Indonesia

07/05/2020 08:45 WIB

The Bekasi City administration has implemented the second phase of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) for one week, despite which, COVID-19 cases has not decreased. The number of COVID-19 cases in Bekasi City sharply increased in the beginning of the second phase of the PSBB. The administration has conducted random mass testing on 13, 512 people, with 312 people having reactive results and 40 confirmed positive cases. Other than that, 300 tests has been conducted in the Bekasi City station, with 3 positive cases.

Source: Kompas News

06/05/2020 21:25 WIB

A number of online travel agents will start to sell domestic flight tickets again starting in May 10, 2020. These flights include flights include flights from Jakarta to Medan, Surabaya, Bali, Yogyakarta, Palembang and Pontianak, among others. The airlines providing these flights include those of the Lion Air Group; Lion Air, Wings Air and Batik Air.

Source: CNN Indonesia

06/05/2020 19:37 WIB

The Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi, through his spokesperson, has stated that mudik is still banned even though all modes of transportation has been allowed to operate. The Spokesperson, Adita Irawati, explained that the Ministry of Transportation does not change the existing regulation regarding the mudik ban of 2020. He added that the modes of transportation are only allowed to transport government workers, people in certain private sectors. patients who need immediate emergency health care, and people with emergency reasons to travel. 

Source: CNN Indonesia

06/05/2020 10:40 WIB

Transportation Minister, Budi Karya Sumadi, revealed that he will relax transportation amid the corona virus pandemic starting tomorrow, May 7, 2020. This transportation relaxation is derived from Ministerial Regulation No. 25 of 2020 concerning Transportation Control during the Eid Mubarak Season in the context of Preventing the Spread of Covid-19.Budi Karya stated that all modes of air, train, sea, and bus transportation may resume operations with a note that health protocols must be implemented.

Source: CNN Indonesia

06/05/2020 08:45 WIB

The West Java Province has officially implemented the Provincial Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) today, Wednesday (6/5). The head of the West Java Transportation Department, Hery Antasari, said that residents have been using various methods to outsmart the homecoming ban. Hery said the combined personnel of the Java Police of West Java and West Java Transportation Department had been alerted to intercept travelers in 232 checkpoints during the implementation of the West Java PSBB from Wednesday 6 May 2020 until Tuesday, 19 May.

Source: CNN Indonesia

06/05/2020 08:06 WIB

The Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) policy in Depok has been revised to regulate sanctions for violators of the policy. The revision is regulated in Depok Mayoral Regulation Number 32 of 2020, revising the previous Mayoral Regulation Number 20 of 2020. 

Source: Kompas News

06/05/2020 04:30 WIB

Regional Heads of the Bogor, Depo and Bekasi (Bodebek) area has agreed to send a formal letter to the Minister of Transportation to propose two recommendations for the operation of the commuter train (KRL). Bogor Mayor, Bima Arya Sugiarto, explained that the first recommendation is to temporarily stop KRL services and for the Minsitery of Transportation to coordinate with the sectors exempt from the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in facilitating the transportation of their workers. The second recommendation, in the case the first is not accepted, is to more strictly regulate travel in the KRL. This would mean, among others, adding more cars per train, re-regulating KRL operational hours, and ensuring only workers in the exempt sectors are allowed to travel. 

Source: Tempo News

05/05/2020 16:38 WIB

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil has sked the police and military to tighten security at the district/city boundary ahead of the implementation of the West Java Province Large-Scale Social Limitation (PSBB), which will take effect tomorrow, Wednesday (6/5). Tightening at the border aims to reduce the movement of people in and out of West Java to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Source: CNN Indonesia

05/05/2020 15:32 WIB

The Vice Governor of West Sumatera, Nasrul Abit, has stated that the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in West Sumatera will be extended until May 29, 2020. He added that supervision in all areas of West Sumatera will be stricter during the second PSBB period. Nasrul stated that people entering West Sumatera will have to be isolated for a period of 14 days.

Source: Detik News

05/05/2020 12:01 WIB

Road blocks and  COVID-19 security posts in all areas will heighten security in the days near the Lebaran Holidays, or 7 days before the holiday. This is done in anticipation of an increase of vehicles crossing provincial borders in the upcoming days. The Head of the Traffic Division of the National Police, Istiono, stated that security posts will increase security and will be manned for 24 hours. He added that as of today, the number of vehicles told to turn back has reached 23,000. This increase in security will be implemented until May 31, 2020, or 7 days after the Holiday.

Source: Kompas News

05/05/2020 11:32 WIB

The Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has recorded an increase in Indonesia's economy of only 2.97% as of the first quarter of 2020. This growth is less than that of the previous year, which stood at 5.07%. The Head of BPS, Suhariyanto has stated that Indonesia's economic growth has contracted by 2.41% compared to the previous quarter. He further states that this trend can be seen in other countries.

Source: CNN Indonesia

05/05/2020 09:19 WIB

DKI Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, has stated that the DKI Jakarta administration is in the process of drafting a regulation to restrict people from entering the Jakarta area after the Lebaran Holiday.  The Director General of Land Transportation, Budi Setiyadi, confirmed that the Jakarta administration has reported their plan to regulate people entering Jakarta. Budi said that the Ministry of Transportation and the Jakarta administration, along with the Police will discuss the technical aspects of the regulation

Source: Kompas News

05/05/2020 04:24 WIB

The Coordinating Minister of Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, stated that the government is optimistic that the COVID-19 pandemic will finish by June 2020. Muhadjir added that with the assumption that the peak of the pandemic is at the end of May, then by the end of June, the pandemic will have been handled. He added that although there are still many variables to take into account, mainly the public's discipline in implementing health protocols, the government is still optimistic.

Source: Tempo News

04/05/2020 14:25 WIB

Head of the COVID-19 Task Force, Doni Monardo, has stated that there has been a decrease of new COVID-19 cases by 11 percent. He also reminds the people to keep their guard up, as there are various clusters with the potential to re-increase the number of COVID-19 cases. These clusters, he stated, include those returning from pilgrimages, from overseas, from industries still in operation, and from those who has managed to conduct mudik.

Source: CNN Indonesia

04/05/2020 11:14 WIB

President Joko Widodo has asked for stricter supervision of all business sectors, including the industrial sector, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. He stated that the government must make sure that industries with the operational permits, must strictly adhere to health protocols. The President also stressed the importance of COVID-19 awareness in industrial zones by instructing inspections to be held in places with industrial activities.

Source: Tempo News

04/05/2020 09:43 WIB

Coordinating Minister of Politics, Law and Security, Mahfud Md, has asked that the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) implemented in various areas to not halt economic activities. Mahfud stated that the government has relaxed various policies in regards to the PSBB to make sure people are still able to have an income during the pandemic, while still making sure that health protocols are still in place. 

Source: CNN Indonesia


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