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Posted over 1 year ago by JAC Consulting

Covid 19 Indonesia

Following the guidance given by our government to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, please be informed that JAC Recruitment Indonesia has closed our offices until further notice by implementing a work from home policy.

However, all inquiries will be attended to and recruitment activities will be conducted as usual as our staff will continue working from home during this time.  Should you have any inquiries, please contact us by email at

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The news summaries below has been compiled by JAC Consulting to provide you with the latest and most up-to-date news on the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia.

Disclaimer: The summary of news and updates made by JAC shown on this website are sourced from third party news articles. The summaries are made solely for reference and to provide general information on the current COVID-19 situation in Indonesia.

Consult here the latest updates about the status of the Covid-19 in Indonesia:

*下記の情報はそれぞれのニュースソースより、JAC Consultingがピックアップし、インドネシアのCOVID-19の状況を随時アップデートしています。

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03/07/2020 18:45

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia - East Java Regional Police (Polda East Java) will close three roads in the city of Surabaya, namely Jalan Tunjungan, Jalan Raya Darmo and Jalan Pandegiling, starting tonight, Friday (3/7). The road closure was carried out to reduce the number of corona cases (Covid-19) which was still high in the area now led by Tri Rismaharini. "For tonight, Saturday night and Sunday night, weekend, Surabaya Raya and Surabaya in particular, we will restrict road access," said Head of East Java Police Public Relations Commissioner Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko, Friday (3/7).

Source: CNN Indonesia

03/07/2020 13:30

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Minister of Health Terawan Agus Putranto issued a regulation on domestic travel health protocols by aircraft and ships amid the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19). The regulation is contained in Circular Letter Number HK.02.01 / Menkes / 382 2020 concerning Protocol for the Supervision of Domestic Travel Players at Airports and Ports. In this regulation, in addition to requiring a health certificate evidenced by the results of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or rapid test, prospective passengers are required to have a health alert card or a Health Alert Card (HAC). The letter of rapid test or RT-PCR is valid for 14 days from the date of the certificate is issued.

Source: CNN Indonesia

02/07/2020 09:74 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan decided to extend the period of large-scale social restrictions for the next 14 days. This decision was taken after seeing the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19) still occurring in the capital region. Following are a number of policies taken by Anies in implementing phase two PSBB transitions. Tightening the Market and KRL, Schools Not Yet Opened, Protests Keep Distance, 32 Biking Areas.

Source: CNN Indonesia

02/07/2020 07:38 WIB, Jakarta - The Task Force for the Acceleration of Countermeasure for Covid-19 West Java (West Java) extended Proportional Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in Bogor Regency and City, Depok City, and Bekasi Regency and City. The PSBB was extended by 14 days until Thursday, July 16, 2020. According to Ridwan Kamil, the Chairman of the West Java Covid-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Countermeasures, the decision to extend the PSBB was based on epidemiological data which stated that the Bodebek area was still included in the Yellow Zone or Level 3.


01/07/2020 17:47 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - The Depok City Government has officially extended the Covid-19 emergency response period for the second time starting today Wednesday (1/7). The extension was written in the Decree of the Mayor of Depok No. 443/267 / Kpts / DPKP / Huk / 2020 concerning the Second Extension of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 Disease Emergency Response Status (Covid-19) in Depok City. "For the disaster emergency response period, this will be extended again from July 1, 2020," said Mayor of Depok, Mohammad Idris in his statement, Wednesday (1/7).

Source: CNN Indonesia

01/07/2020 15:46 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan announced the Large Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) transition in the capital region of the Republic of Indonesia was extended for another 14 days. "The PSBB [Transition] in Jakarta will be extended in the next 14 days and will be evaluated again after we get the latest developments," Anies said at a press conference at the City Hall of DKI, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (1/7).

Source: CNN Indonesia

01/07/2020 10:49 WIB

PT KAI Regional Operations (Daop) 1 Jakarta extended the cancellation of all Local Train departures until 31 July 2020. Head of Public Relations of PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta, Eva Chairunisa, said that this was done because the Covid-19 emergency period was not over. "Besides being a Covid-19 pandemic, it was done as an effort to prevent the spread of the Corona virus which is still being carried out," Eva said as in a release received by, Wednesday (1/7/2020). Previously, he continued, operational pattern adjustments in the form of temporary cancellation of Local Railway trips throughout the Daop 1 Jakarta area began to be implemented gradually since April 1, 2020.

Source: CNN Indonesia

30/06/2020 06:48 WIB

Banda Aceh, CNN Indonesia - Acting (Acting) Governor of Aceh Nova Iriansyah is wary of every incoming entrant associated with an increase in the Covid-19 case in his region. It is known, during June 2020 positive cases of Corona in Aceh increased by 59 people. This increased dramatically from May, which was only 20 cases. Cumulatively, the Corona case in Aceh reached 79 people, with 25 of them cured, 52 people still being treated, and two died. The increase in cases was also marked by the emergence of two corona transmission clusters, namely the Water Fence cluster in Aceh Besar and North Aceh districts.

Source: CNN Indonesia

30/06/2020 04:08 WIB

Bandung, CNN Indonesia - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stated that currently the capacity of swab tests using Covid-19's Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method has reached two thousand per day. "Our capacity testing has been two thousand per day, so in the past week almost 14,000 PCR tests," Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, said at a press conference on Monday (6/29). On that occasion, he also said that Covid-19 patients recovering from West Java had exceeded active cases. "The case in West Java now that has recovered has exceeded the sick so that the healing of an average of 17 people per day," he said.

Source: CNN Indonesia

29/06/2020 20:22 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Banten has extended the work from home (WFH) period for the state civil service (ASN) until July 12, 2020. The decision follows the extension of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) in South Tangerang City (Tangsel), Tangerang City, and Tangerang District until 12 July. "We are following the PSBB policy, so until July 12 we are still WFH. So to be in sync with the PSBB policy by working at home," said Head of the Banten Regional Personnel Agency (BKD), Komarudin at the official residence of the Governor of Banten, Serang City, Monday (29/6 )

Source: CNN Indonesia

29/06/2020 16:09 WIB

Bandung, CNN Indonesia - The Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil stated that Sukabumi City has a green zone spreading corona virus (Covid-19). The city of Sukabumi became the first area in West Java declared safe from the corona virus. With the status of the green zone, Ridwan Kamil gave permission to the Sukabumi City Government to prepare a health protocol at the school. He also ordered the West Java Task Force to coordinate with the Sukabumi City Task Force in overseeing the process of students' adaptation back to school.

Source: CNN Indonesia

29/06/2020 14:37 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Bekasi Mayor Rahmat Effendi claims his area has been more than a month, from May 26 to June 29, the addition of death cases related to Covid-19. "No more increases in mortality rates were officially announced by the Labkesda of the Bekasi City Health Office and Dr. Chasbullah Regional General Hospital Abdul Majid, Bekasi City," he said in a written statement received by, Monday (6/29).

Source: CNN Indonesia

29/06/2020 09:37 WIB

Bandung - Check points or checkpoints to prevent the transmission of Corona virus are no longer present in Japek and Purbaleunyi Tolls that lead to Bandung. Previously, during the PSBB, vehicles from Jakarta heading to a number of cities in West Java via the toll road would be strictly inspected. The inspection included the completeness of documents including SIKM, check body temperature and number of passengers, and the use of masks. The central government has indeed lifted the ban on going home or traveling between cities since June 7, 2020. Instead, in this transition period the Task Force issued Circular Letter No. 7 of 2020 concerning the criteria and requirements for people traveling during the adaptation of new habits towards productive and safe communities COVID- 19.


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