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Posted over 1 year ago by JAC Consulting

Covid 19 Indonesia

Following the guidance given by our government to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, please be informed that JAC Recruitment Indonesia has closed our offices until further notice by implementing a work from home policy.

However, all inquiries will be attended to and recruitment activities will be conducted as usual as our staff will continue working from home during this time.  Should you have any inquiries, please contact us by email at

Thank you very much for your understanding.


The news summaries below has been compiled by JAC Consulting to provide you with the latest and most up-to-date news on the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia.

Disclaimer: The summary of news and updates made by JAC shown on this website are sourced from third party news articles. The summaries are made solely for reference and to provide general information on the current COVID-19 situation in Indonesia.

Consult here the latest updates about the status of the Covid-19 in Indonesia:

*下記の情報はそれぞれのニュースソースより、JAC Consultingがピックアップし、インドネシアのCOVID-19の状況を随時アップデートしています。

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13/08/2020 20:37

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has officially extended the implementation of Transitional Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) for the next 14 days until 27 August. The extension of the Transitional PSBB is to reduce the rate of transmission of the corona virus (Covid-19). Thus, Anies has already extended the Transitional PSBB in the capital city for the fourth time. "Taking all conditions into account, after we consulted with health experts, especially epidemiologists, and coordinated with Forkopimda ranks this afternoon, we decided to extend the Transitional Period PSBB in this first phase for the fourth time until 27 August 2020," said Anies through a statement. official, Thursday (13/8).

Source: CNN Indonesia

12/08/2020 13:34 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta plans to extend the period of implementing the transitional large-scale social restrictions (PSBB). The high rate of spread of the corona virus (Covid-19) is the reason the transition PSBB will be extended. It is known, the Transitional PSBB period will end on the next Thursday (13/8) after being extended on 31 July. Riza said that an extension of the transitional PSBB was needed because the number of positive cases in Jakarta was still quite high. As of Tuesday (11/8), it was recorded that the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Jakarta had reached 26,664 cases.

Source: CNN Indonesia

12/08/2020 11:45 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - The Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) will temporarily close the Ex Sentra Mulia Building for one week, starting today, Wednesday (12/8) to 21 August. The closure was carried out because a number of ASNs from the Directorate General of Immigration were positive for the corona virus (Covid-19). "Activities at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (ex Sentra Mulia) building will be temporarily closed from 12 to 21 August 2020 for the disinfectant spraying process," read the letter signed by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Bambang Rantam Sariwanto.

Source: CNN Indonesia

12/08/2020 10:01 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - As many as 49 companies in Jakarta were temporarily closed because their employees were found to be positively exposed to the Corona Virus (Covid-19). Meanwhile, 7 other companies were closed for violating the Covid preventive health protocol. "As of August 11, 49 companies were closed due to Covid-19," said Head of the Jakarta Manpower, Transmigration and Energy Agency, Andri Yansah in a written statement, Wednesday (12/8). Based on his data, the 49 companies are spread across five areas of Jakarta. A total of 14 companies each are located in East Jakarta and South Jakarta.

Source: CNN Indonesia

10/08/2020 13:05 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - The Banten Provincial Government (Pemprov) has officially extended the implementation of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) for the eighth time in the Greater Tangerang area for two weeks until 23 August. The decision was stated in the Governor of Banten Decree Number 443 / Kep.196-Huk / 2020 concerning the stipulation of the extension of the eighth phase of the PSBB in the Tangerang Regency, Tangerang City, and South Tangerang City areas to accelerate the handling of Covid-19.

Source: CNN Indonesia

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