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Hire Massive High-skilled Workers with Staff Augmentation Service

Posted 10 days ago by JAC Recruitment

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Establishing a new company requires not only funds but also team members. In this phase, getting high-skilled workers to support strategy is sometimes not as smooth as the plan. It consumes time, energy, and budget to do the activities. JAC Recruitment understands this condition and proudly presents a new service, Staff Augmentation Service.

What is Staff Augmentation Service?

Staff Augmentation Service is a program where JAC will place about four selected Consultants who will work to fulfill your staff recruitment project, with the scope of duties including but not limited to recruitment planning, procurement, screening, and interviews.

Why Use Staff Augmentation Service?

If your company is planning to do massive hiring because of expansion or company establishment, Staff Augmentation Service is an exemplary service for you. It will provide you with several benefits that will support your business.

  1. Time-saving: hiring process demands lots of time to find, screen, and interview. Using Staff Augmentation Service will help you create a strategy since we'll handle the hiring activities.

  2. Cost-saving: Staff Augmentation Service will keep your budget since the payment is based on the project, no matter how many positions or seniority you need.

  3. Talents pool data: Distinct from regular headhunting services; Staff Augmentation Service lets you save and keep all the potential candidates' information. Hence, you will efficiently process the data anytime you need it.

  4. Expert consultants: JAC Recruitment consultants have years of experience in the industry. We guarantee that we'll find a suited candidate for your business strategy and culture.

  5. Professional tools: JAC Recruitment will provide all the equipment needed, such as desk, laptop, high-speed internet, and phone; supported with LinkedIn, Techinasia, Jobstreet, and any relevant software to carry out the service.

What Makes Staff Augmentation Service JAC Recruitment Different?

Staff Augmentation Service by JAC Recruitment is a service that will support your business during massive hiring. This project is handled by our expert consultant who understands the industry trend. JAC Recruitment Indonesia is part of JAC Group, one of Asia's most trusted specialist recruitment consultancies since 1987. We are an international recruitment consultancy dedicated to connecting companies with high-level talent across Asia and Europe. Our approach to business is firmly underpinned by our core values, championing freedom, discipline, and fairness in delivering exceptional standards of service to our clients with speed and sincerity.

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