Company Licenses & Expatriate Permits

Our Research & Consultancy Division has a solid track record of supporting the establishment of local subsidiaries of more than 300 Japanese companies in rapidly developing Indonesia. With the world as our stage, we are confident to help our multinational clients in their global business expansion.

Noting Indonesia's legal environment and practice on company and manpower activities, companies must take proper measures in preventing non-compliance simply to prevent serious legal consequences.

Business Entity Establishment

  • Providing comprehensive consultation services and support Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & Domestic Direct Investment (DDI) implementation in Indonesia by assisting establishment process in various business classification
  • Set up foreign representative office (KPPA/KP3A/BUJKA)

Work & Stay Permits

  • Work & Stay Permits application package for
    • ITAS Bandara/emergency visa (1 month)
    • Temporary visa (6 months)
    • Permanent visa (7-12 months)
  • Work & Stay Permits renewal and revocation (EPO/ERP)
  • Family, Single Business Visa (SBV) & Multiple Business Visa (MBV)

Annual Permit Consultancy

  • To maintain compliance with the latest government regulations
  • License/permit renewal monitoring system
  • Monthly newsletters of current issues

Company Document Services

  • Branch Office Registration
  • Company Closure
  • Business Expansion
  • License Renewal
  • Office Relocation
  • KBLI Adjustment
  • Corporate Acquisition
  • Capital Increase and/or Reduction
  • Article of Association Amendment
  • Specific Import Licenses (Masterlist, Persetujuan Impor)
  • Environmental Assessment (UKL/UPL, Izin Lingkungan)
  • etc.

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