HR Consultancy

JAC Consulting played a key role in the legal establishment of more than 300 Japanese companies in Indonesia and has been providing consultation and solution services in the following areas:

  • Annual HR Consultation
  • HR Document Compliance
  • In-house Training
  • Public Training/Seminar
  • HR Management Consultancy
  • Provisional Support Services

Our HR Consultation Services covers six areas of HR Management from the perspective of Compliance and Policies. Noting Indonesia's legal environment and practice on company operations and manpower, companies must make proper policies and take measures in preventing non-compliance simply to prevent serious legal consequences.

Annual HR Consultancy

This service is provided to members for consultation on matters related to compliance or policy in the field of HR. Members benefit from consultation services via email (via telephone for urgent matters) on issues of concern. Members receive special rates on our other HR services.

HR Document Compliance

We prepare, review and submit HR documents such as Company Regulations; Working Agreement; Collective Labor Agreement; etc.) in compliance with prevailing laws and regulations.

In-house Training

We provide customized training for the following areas: Leadership Training; Interpersonal Training; Training for Manufacturing Industries; Human Resources Training; Working Culture and Intercultural Understanding; Management Training; and customized training.

Public Training

Public Training, Seminars or Workshops are held by JAC Consulting for current topics in business such as Human Resources, Labor Issues, Company and Expatriates Permits, Tax, Transfer Pricing Documentation, etc. At times we provide free seminars, inviting officials from relevant government agencies as part of our service to provide awareness of compliance matters.

HR Management Development

From the perspective of compliance and policies, we provide solutions through the following services of Human Resources Management Consultancy:

  • HR Digital/Automation Administration Management (e.g. attendance & payroll system)
  • Recruitment Management (policy and guidelines; recruitment system; etc.)
  • Strategic Performance Management (create KPIs; monitoring system; etc.)
  • Organisation Effectiveness (organisation structure streamlining; job evaluation; workload analysis; etc.)
  • Total Reward Management (salary scale; reward system; etc.)
  • Learning and Development Management (core & functional competencies formulation; Training Needs Analysis competency; etc.)

Provisional Support Services

Whether your business is looking for information, partners, counterparts or potential clients.

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