The need for smooth exchange of information in foreign languages has grown in tandem with the advance of globalisation. JAC Translations provides accurate and high-level interpretation service tailored to your needs. With over 3,000 hours of interpretation delivered each year, we have a wide network of specialist interpreters who can help you communicate clearly and confidently in any environment.

Process for Interpretation Services

Types of Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is used in any situation where the speaker cannot afford to pause to wait for the interpreter, such as conferences, board meetings and other business activities. It ensures that the message is conveyed from the source language to the target language quickly and accurately. The use of technical aid is required in the form of one or more interpreting booths and specialised sound equipment. Interpreters work in teams of two when doing simultaneous interpretation, and each interpreter interprets in real time as the speaker delivers the message.

Consecutive Interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, the speaker pauses to allow the interpreter to render what has been said in the target language before continuing. It allows the interpreter to understand the full meaning of the message before rendering it in the target language. This form of interpretation is used in one-to-one situations and small meetings. No specialised equipment is required.

Whispered Interpretation

Whispered interpretation is a variation of simultaneous interpretation. It is usually carried out when the majority of speakers understand a language and there is only one person or a small group of people speaking a different language. In this instance, the interpreter sits next to the person or group, and translates quietly or whispers in real time. No specialised equipment is required.

Key Projects & Main Languages Handled

Our professional interpreters have over 5-40 years of interpretation experience in relevant fields. Our client portfolio includes international organisations, non-governmental organisations and multinational companies in fields such as legal, medical, manufacturing and technology.

Key Projects

  1. Inter-governmental Events
    1. Bilateral meeting
    2. International conference
    3. International seminar
  2. Legal Matter
    1. Court proceeding
    2. Police investigation
    3. Notarisation
  3. Industrial and Technical Environments
    1. Manufacturing process
    2. Training
    3. Workshop
  4. General Business
    1. Board meeting
    2. Press conference
    3. Presentation
    4. Market research

Main Languages Handled

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Indonesian

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