Translation is critically important to any organisation wanting to connect with multilingual audiences. JAC Translation provides professional business translation, allowing you to expand your global reach. We have more than 15 years of experience in business translation. Our team of native experts will help you overcome language and cultural barriers, so you can successfully realise your internationalisation dream.

Translation Process

Sworn Translation & Regular Translation

We provide Sworn and Regular Translation services in a variety of different fields.

Please refer to the description below for details of each service, or contact us for more information.

Sworn Translation

Sworn translation of a document is translated by our sworn translators who have passed the Translator Qualification Test and has been certified by the Decree of Jakarta Governor. It serves as a legal equivalent of the original document in a court of law. Sworn translation is necessary for every foreign document that will be used or submitted to Indonesian authorities such as Articles of Association, financial statements and every required document for processing Work and Stay Permits.

Our sworn translation includes the sworn translator's signature and stamp on every page of the translation. It also bears a statement certifying that it is a true translation of the original source.

Regular Translation

Regular translation is recommended for documents that require no official status or legal standing. Our translators have 5-30 years of translation experience in relevant fields.

Translation is completed in two stages: First, it is translated by a skilled translator. Then, it is thoroughly edited and proofread by a native in the target language.

Major Types of Documents & Main Languages Handled

Types of Documents

  • Board meeting minutes
  • Business agreement/contract
  • Company regulation
  • Corporate profile
  • Court order
  • Financial report
  • ISO document
  • Technical Manual / handbook
  • Research report
  • Presentation material
  • Academic paper
  • Civil document
  • Etc.

Main Languages Handled

  • Japanese
  • English
  • Indonesian

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