Remi Amko Valderama Silas


Remi has become part of JAC Recruitment Indonesia as a Consultant since December 2017. Started by working for the International/MNC division and joined Manufacturing Team, specialized in the chemical industry. Currently, he is still working in the manufacturing – chemical team.

The full name is Remi Amko Valderama Silas. He was graduate in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, majoring in International Relations. Since March 2015 he is working for executive search companies. During six years period of time, he experienced in handling various industries including chemical, banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, and building component. His specialty is a combination of a recruitment consultant and business development roles.


  • Best Consultant of the Month – March 2018
  • Best Consultant Q1 – March 2018
  • Best Consultant of the Month – February 2019
  • Best Consultant of the Month – July 2019