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International Women's Day from JAC Group

Posted 11 months ago by JAC Group

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In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, we’d like to introduce you to some of our Inspirational Female Leaders here at JAC Group. Thank you to these talented women for all that you bring to our company.

As Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of JAC Group, Hiromi Tazaki has always had a clear vision of what it takes to be a role-model in the recruitment industry.

As an industrious and highly motivated leader, she has successfully cultivated a company and culture that values diversity and equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation.

Currently, across the group, 50% of all staff members, and 35% of employees in leadership positions, are female. JAC strives to create an environment in which women are actively encouraged to freely pursue their career goals, with policies that strongly support work-life balance, and opportunities to develop high-level, professional expertise.

 “I view my work not simply as ‘an occupation’; it’s a passion that I’m thoroughly devoted to. It’s something that brings me a great deal of joy”.

Hiromi believes that true personal and professional development comes as a result of finding genuine enjoyment in what you do.


Lim Sze Ping joined JAC Recruitment Malaysia in 2002 as a consultant starting-out in her career. Since that time, she has personally placed over 700 professional candidates with client companies, becoming the highest achiever in JAC Group. Lim now leads her team as a Director, who actively encourages continuous learning and knowledge-sharing among her team members. She believes that a team who synergistically supports one another, grows together and shares in their success is key to continued motivation.

“I think it’s important to lead by example, and with an awareness and empathy for the challenges involved in developing new skills. Seeing my team members succeed is my greatest motivation”

Thank you, Sze Ping Lim, for your hard work and contribution to JAC.


Akiko Kusama joined JAC Recruitment as Director of JAC Germany in 2019.
She is a dedicated leader who believes it is also important to be an active player and contributor to the success of her team. For Akiko, really getting to know and understand her team members as individuals has been vital to developing a healthy culture of open and honest communication. She believes that this is particularly important when challenges arise.

“During difficult circumstances, like going through lock-down as a result of the pandemic, maintaining strong communication has been especially meaningful. Not only from a professional perspective but also in supporting one another throughout the experience”.

Thank you Akiko Kusama, for your hard work and contribution to JAC.


Tokiko Inoue is the Head of Osaka at JAC Recruitment Japan. She joined the company in 2004, and as an exceptionally skilled consultant and leader, has supported over 3000 candidates in their search for new professional opportunities. Tokiko regards reaching her business goals as her minimum obligation, consistently going above and beyond to deliver a truly impressive level of service. Inspired by the strength and leadership of JAC Group Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, Hiromi Tazaki, Tokiko values open and consistent communication along with a speedy approach to problem-solving.

“If decisions aren’t made efficiently, things don’t move forward or change. I believe that real hands-on experience allows us to genuinely learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward with integrity”.

Thank you, Tokiko Inoue, for your hard work and contribution to JAC.In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021, we’d like to introduce you to some of our Inspirational Female Leaders here at JAC Group. Thank you to these talented women for all that you bring to our company.


Yuka Kono is Senior Manager for the IT and Consulting Divisions at JAC Recruitment Japan. She is a leader who values the individual personalities and strengths of her team members and believes that each person has something unique to contribute to their success.

When it comes to supporting her team in reaching their goals, Yuka believes in a collaborative approach to ensure that they provide the best possible quality of service to their clients and candidates.

“We are constantly thinking about how we can work together to support one another. Everyone has something special to offer and thanks to that, I believe we can learn a great deal from each other."

Thank you, Yuka Kono, for your hard work and contribution to JAC.

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